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Why join NDNA? Why Be on a Board?

Posted 5 months ago by Sherri Miller

Nurses on Boards Testimonials 

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"I joined the NDNA initially to keep myself educated on nursing issues and to be part of a community of nurses in my state. Little did I know that the NDNA does so much more. I now serve on the board and am a part of legislative issues regarding nursing in ND. Being an NDNA board member has been a great opportunity for me to network with nurses all across the state and help fight issues nurses are facing." 

~Jessica Vos, BSN, RN and Director at Large: Recent Graduate, NDNA

"Being a part of the NDNA board has given me a voice on important nursing issues.  It has allowed me to collaborate with other nurses of differing experiences and backgrounds, which has broadened my perspective on my own practice.   As nursing is my passion, I feel that participating in the board was important.  As nurses we share a bond but each of us have taken different paths.  Learning from each other, and being active in board has been a wonderful learning and enriching experience.

~Kami Lehn, BSN, RN and VP of Membership, NDNA


Sherri Miller 5 months ago

Awesome Kami and Jess!

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