The latest "The North Dakota Nurse" is hot off the presses!

Posted 10 months ago


The North Dakota Nurse publication should be arriving in your mailboxes at your homes any day now - if you haven't already received it!  This is the OFFICIAL  publication of the North Dakota Nurses Association, sent courtesy of the North Dakota Nurses Association! 

It is sent quarterly and goes out to approximately 18,000 RNs and LPNs in the state.  Receiving the paper doesn't necessarily mean you are a member, but we'd love to have you so if you are interested - please contact us!!

Click the "contact us" tab or click on the "membership/join today" tab on this website to for more information or to join.

If you are a nurse and you do not receive the paper - please also contact us as you should be receiving it.  We will ensure that you do moving forward.


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