Call In Day is July 10th in Support of Congressional Bill HR 1309 - re: Workplace Violence

Posted 2 months ago

National Call-In Day is taking place on July 10th.  Support requested for H.R. 1309:

NDNA supports Silent No More, who are a group of healthcare workers and supporters on a mission to protect healthcare workers before, during, and after an assault in the workplace in a variety of ways. 

Silent No More is currently organizing a call-in day in support of congressional bill H.R. 1309 — Workplace Violence Prevention for Healthcare and Social Service Workers Act.  This bill adds a requirement for healthcare and social services employers to develop a violence prevention plan. With these fields being the industries with the most non-lethal assaults, we urgently need this legislation to pass.

If you are interested in helping Silent No More with the National Call-In Day, please email: or call: (410)864-0909.  They will provide the logistics, as well as answer any questions you might have what is needed on the bill.

You can also click here for the Silent No More FAQ page.  

Thank you for your support!! If we can get this legislation passed, it will be a safer place for all of us!