Student Request for Survey Participation

Posted 12 months ago

Hello NDNA Members,

Please see below regarding a student research/survey request:

My name is Larry Masterson and I am Doctor of Health Sciences student (2020) at A.T. Still University. I am requesting participants complete a confidential online survey for my applied research project (ARP), the Psychoeconomic Effects on Providers in Response to Nonparticipatory Out-of-Court Settlements.

The purpose of the study is to determine if non-participation in out-of-court medical malpractice settlements affects the severity of depression, anxiety, relationship failure, hopelessness, haplessness, and suicidal ideation, and determine if non-participation in out-of-court settlements adversely affect the professional status and income.

The online survey will require approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you wish to participate or have questions regarding participation in the survey, please contact the researcher via the encrypted email address,

If you wish to take the survey, please use the following link:

Thank you for your contribution to this important study of the psychological and economic responses to non-participation in out-of-court medical malpractice settlements.