ND Center for Nursing Seeking Consultant

Posted 10 months ago

Nursing Workplace Culture Consultant

    The ND Center for Nursing is seeking the services of a consultant to work with a large committee to develop a unique ND Nursing Workplace Culture Designation System. The purpose of the system is to acknowledge the attainment of best-practice nursing culture in health care facilities in order to increase recruitment and retention of nurses statewide.  The period of work will be from February 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 with an anticipated minimum weekly time commitment of 10 hours.  Key activities for the consultant will be:

  • Examine an initial set of criteria and link with best practices, research studies, available criteria, and needed assessment tools.
  • Develop committee subgroups for the eight central themes from the committee.
  • Facilitate meetings with subgroups to examine best practices/research to draft criteria and develop assessment tools.
  • Develop a final draft of criteria with input from the full committee.
  • Review the application process and fees for other designation systems and available resources in ND.
  • Draft application materials and fee structure and revise the following input from the full committee.
  • Attend May/June stakeholder retreat and assist with the facilitation of groups.

Preference will be given to an individual that is master’s prepared in nursing and experience in nursing administration or nursing education. A contract including monetary compensation will be negotiated upon selection.

 Submit a letter of interest including a description of past-related work, working with large teams and implementation of evidence-based practice/research and resume/curriculum vitae to Dr. Patricia Moulton, ND Center for Nursing Executive Director at patricia.moulton@ndcenterfornursing.org by January 24, 2020.