Bring Your Expertise to the Boardroom!

Posted 21 days ago

Your Board Journey Starts Here... Access $250 worth of Content!

As a board member, your voice can shape healthcare. Of the approximately 3.6 million nurses, fewer than 10% are on boards. Join the many nurses at every level, who are stepping up applying for board leadership.

To help you qualify, the American Nurses Foundation presents the Nurses On Boards FREE webinar series, prepared to help nursing professionals qualify for boards, commissions and panels.

$250 worth of content, this webinar series will help you to uncover the skills and experiences that are transferable into the boardroom and learn how to navigate the complex landscape of the boardroom.

Get board-ready with these important webinar topics:

  • Advancing Nursing Excellence
  • Board-Ready Resumes
  • Understanding Basic Financial Acumen
  • How to Find the Right Board to Join