North Dakota Nurses Association Statement on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Positive Nurses Providing Care

Posted 11 months ago


November 11, 2020

North Dakota Nurses Association Statement on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Positive Nurses Providing Care

The North Dakota Nurses Association (NDNA) does not support the practice of allowing nurses who are asymptomatic, COVID-19 positive to care for patients as a long-term solution to mitigate staffing shortages. We recognize that this action was recently taken as crisis standard of care in order to continue providing patient care.

NDNA urges that every effort be made to return to a non-crisis standard of care as soon as possible and advises that COVID-19 positive nurses must be allowed to determine if they are well enough to provide care.

In alignment with guidance outlined by the CDC in Crisis Capacity Strategies to Mitigate Staffing Shortages, providing care under these circumstances is the decision of the COVID-19 positive nurse and their willingness to work. If a nurse believes they are not well enough to provide safe patient care and chooses not to work under these circumstances, employers should not retaliate against the nurse for making this decision.

NDNA recommends that all other public health measures to reduce the demand on the health care system and address staffing shortages are deployed before implementing this particular strategy. This should include effective and scientifically proven preventative measures such as mandating mask wearing in public places, maintaining physical distancing, and exercising good hand hygiene.

The health and safety of nurses is paramount as is the health and safety of the patients they care for. We must remain vigilant with our actions to minimize COVID-19 spread within health care settings and to protect staff and patients.




Mary Wakefield 8 months ago

Hopefully you have sent this to media outlets around the state

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