**Support School Nurses This Morning - Email to Urge Passage of SB 2235 - School Nurse Grant Program**

Posted 5 months ago

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NDNA Members,
The North Dakota Nurses Association is in strong support of the School Nurse Grant Program bill - SB 2235.  This will provide funding for school nurses.
School nurses are often the only health professional serving students in an educational setting.  They have a great responsibility in promoting important health initiatives in schools, they are vital to the health of children.  They use evidence-based practice, implement prevention programs, and properly manage student medical issues to improve student health.
More children suffer from obesity as well as asthma, autism, eating disorders, food allergies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and now possibly COVID-19.  School nurses are even more crucial these days because of the increase in chronic conditions. 
We can all agree on the importance of school nurses, and the last year has shown this more than ever.  Members, please also take a moment this morning to use your nursing voice and send an email in support of Senate Bill 2235.


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