Participate in a Program Evaluation DNP Project!

Posted 11 months ago in ND Healthcare

Please consider participating in this doctoral research project from DNP student Jocelyn Johnson!

Title of Research Project: LGBTQIA+ Toolkit; A Program Evaluation DNP Project 

Name of Principal Investigator: Jocelyn Johnson, MSN, DNP Student 

Additional Investigators and Affiliations: Ellen Johnson, DNP, and Patricia Moulton-Burwell, Ph.D.

Contact Principal Investigator: Jocelyn Johnson, MSN, Rasmussen University, 701-306-1080

"My name is Jocelyn Johnson, and I am a Doctor of Nursing student at Rasmussen University working with the North Dakota Center for Nursing. I am conducting a program evaluation project, and the purpose of this project is to evaluate nurses’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards LGBTQIA+ patients. The study aims to better understand the effects of cultural diversity training on North Dakota nurses for the LGBTQIA+ population. You are receiving this information as a possible participant because you have registered as a nurse in North Dakota.

If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked to:

1. Complete a demographic survey and AIM survey (19-questionnaire to assess knowledge, skills, and attitudes of LGBTQIA+ population).

2. View one video and two interactive modules.

3. Repeat AIM survey.

4. Complete satisfaction training survey and feedback.

The estimated time for completing the study is 60 minutes. You will also have access to a printable pamphlet containing appropriate terms and definitions, communication techniques, and additional resources to provide the LGBTIQA+ patient or continue the development of knowledge you may be seeking on this topic.

Participants who complete the study can receive one continuing education unit (CEU) pending North Dakota Board of Nursing approval.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Jocelyn Johnson at 701-306-1080 or by email at

I appreciate your consideration in participating in this study. Please click the link below to begin."