*ADVOCACY REQUESTS THIS WEEK - SB 2332, SB 2287, SB 2288, and HB 2337*

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NDNA Members,

Please be aware of the below bills this week that could impact you as a nurse!

Email your legislators!

SB 2332 - would provide an appropriation to the dept of health and human services for primary, palliative, and hospice home-based services  - Jan 25 at 11:00 

SB 2287 - student loan repayment for RNs - Jan 26 at 9:45

SB 2288 - grant matching for nursing programs - Jan 26 at 11:00

HB 2337 - bill is aiming to assume nurse licensure by either placing under OMB or Dept of Labor which could greatly disrupt the current licensing process - Jan 26 at 3:30

ND Legislative Session Information

Find My Legislator: https://www.ndlegis.gov/legend/constituent/districts/public/find_my_legislator/

68th Legislative Assembly https://www.ndlegis.gov/assembly/68-2023/regular  

Watch Live Videos/Now Playing/Recordings: https://video.ndlegis.gov/          

Committee Hearing Schedule: https://www.ndlegis.gov/legend/committee/hearings/public-schedule/


Mary Mooney about 3 hours ago   Remove

What is the rationale for Section 2 of HB2337

Mary Mooney about 3 hours ago   Remove

What is rationale for section 2 of HB2337?

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